Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tonight is the night you rouge your knees, skip Jersey Shore and hit the streets to walk to the PAC (that stands for Performing Arts Center, if ya didn't know). What's going on there? Just what the title says-- a cabaret-style event with all student performances in their upper lobby. This is a student run event, organized and programmed by Arts Management students like myself, in association with PAC. Put on by students, for students, all that. Just walk in from the ground level from the side of Humanities or across from the Music Building. SouthBay Cabaret: Screw Love! woo!

Oh, and feel free to dress up.

We will have dance, music, circus, drag, spoken word and a play. And a ton of cheese provided by cheese club. RSVP here on Facebook!

with performances by:
Dan Drake Ensemble
A reading of "Moonwater" by Bryan Korn (as seen in New Plays Now)
Dance from Mary Page Nance and Lindsey Jones
A Circus performance from Justin Wood
Scott Interrante
Rafay Rashid (spoken word)
Choral Pleasure


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