Saturday Happenings! QUEER MUSIC FEST + BARS OF GOLD

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hey folkz, two things happening today, right now, this afternoon. Well, there are more things happening than just these two but here are the two to focus on:

Queer Music Fest and Bars of Gold.

So Queer Music Fest is basically an all day fiesta inside and outside of the Student Center with a ton of queer-posi artists, speakers and musicians. Lotsa workshops and lectures and sets being played. That's going to be going on from about 2PM-dawn (or around 11PM, what have you).

Check out more information about that including lineup and more factz about that lineup here.
Definitely worth a stop-in, walk by and a hang out.

And then there's this other show that I'm about to go load-in for with Bars of Gold, who have members that used to be in none other than Bear Vs. Shark! Crazy, right? It's like the Co-op is some unofficial red carpet for iconic bands who broke up. What am I saying. In any case, this is a matinee show starting at 4PM in the Co-Op and will feature Purchase darlings Sirs and Connecticut little brothers Martin Luther King. It's going to be wet and/or wild. What am I saying.

Check out more info about this jawnt here. The flyer below isn't offish, but it rules. Thanks Kyle Seely!


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