YOU MAKE MY HEART EXPLODE (Recaps of Terror Pigeon, Netherfriends, Mokaad + more!)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Listen, this week was super stressful. Like really stressful. Our little hearts aren't exactly PROGRAMMED (harharhar) to handle the kind of stress that this week brought. So this weekend was definitely something we needed and hope that you felt the same.

First up was Thursday night's show with Netherfriends and Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. Things that day were definitely stressy and steamy, and like two things fell through:

  1. Burritos. We were supposed to get burritos, hundreds of them, and we couldn't. I won't say why, but just know that it was beyond our power. If we could, we would have burritos available everyday to give to you. We'd have some in our pockets so you could just walk up to us and ask for one whenever you want.
  2. The opening band dropped off last minute!
So some plans didn't end up going our way, but anyway it wound up being SO GOOD!

Here is Netherfriends' last song of the night in shitty video quality:

and an absolutely gorgeous montage of Terror Pigeon's set thanks to David Grimaldi!

And the next day was Friday, of course, which ended in an incredible show on mainstage with Mokaad, Ms. Lady, EMEFE and Rainbow Children! Here's a clip from their encore:

All in all we had a great weekend and are even more psyched for this upcoming week! Keep an eye out for events as they're posted on the blog. Also make sure you don't miss the newly posted calendar on the right over there of all the events for the fall semester!

Know that this is just a basic calendar so we will all have stuff to do all the time, but we are definitely always looking for suggestions and ideas from y'all! Please make sure you've joined the Facebook group and know our e-mail is purchaseeventsbrigade[at]gmail[dot]com.

Alright, gonna go make dinner. Enjoy!


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