Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hey y'all! RVIVR and Big Kids just rocked our sox, and it's truly shaping up to be a week to remember for the punx. Ahhhhhhahahaha I hate myself. Coming up! Tonight! SKALLOWEEN! We've got a truly great evening planned for y'all complete ska, spooky stuff, FALL FEST WRISTBANDS and a record fair to boot! Come on out! It's gonna be a great time.

SATURDAY, the infamous FALL FEST takes us by storm with some really solid musical acts (fang island, g side, janka nabay) and other fun things. RSVP on Facebook! Also the posters look freakin' cool:

AFTER THAT! Next week we have a really cool thing going on in the music building. Barbara Hammer, Avant-Garde Filmmaker and Artist is com
ing to give a lecture! This event is on Wednesday November 2nd in Choral Hall! Check out this flyer for details.


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